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We want to support every barber and stylist

I’ve always had a passion for the beauty industry, especially the salon industry. Though I’m not a hairstylist or barber, I love their creativity and artistic skills in hair design. The energy and excitement they bring to the salon environment are desirable in any profession. Designing a space that uniquely and individually identifies with their creativity gave birth to my passion to design private “mini” salons.  Salon suites are completely furnished and equipped with everything needed to service their clients.  

Salon suites are the new alternative to the traditional salon setting.  Each suite is a separate salon business operated independently.  The concept allows salon professionals the opportunity to experience salon ownership while at the same time eliminating many of the building costs, maintenance issues, and repairs of owning a traditional salon.


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Salon Suites Innovation allows hairstylists and barbers to simply close the door. This provides a sense of focus on the client and the stylists to create those important relationships.


Our space is your space when you need it. we allow hairstylists and barbers to reserve our suites and service their clients when they need the space. No need to pay rent for space you are not occupying daily.

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The “mini” salon suites concept which is ideal if you are just starting a salon business or looking to downsize your business to focus more on your clients rather than the business of running the traditional salon.

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COVID-19 has made salon suites even more attractive than the traditional salon. With the social distancing guidelines, it is very challenging for regular salons to provide the six feet distance or “appointment only” services in a shared space. Traditional salons are not conducive for hairstylists and their clients as we continue to deal with COVID-19.

Businesses continue to struggle as they try to recover from the effects of the Coronavirus. To offset some of these challenges we decided to provided lease-free space. No contracts, our space is available when you need it. Whether you only need it for a few hours, a full day, or a couple of days a week, you decide and reserve your suite.